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EVNT 701 Introduction to Event Management Event Coordinator or Event Manager
EVNT 702 Networking and Industry Relations N/A
EVNT 703 Event Sales and Marketing Event Manager
EVNT 704 Event Budgeting Event Manager
EVNT 705 Volunteer and Team Building Event Coordinator
EVNT 706 Sponsorship Development Event Manager
EVNT 711 Event Programming Event Coordinator
EVNT 712 Creativity and Innovation N/A
EVNT 713 Sustainable Events N/A
EVNT 714 Risk and Security Management Event Manager
EVNT 715 Communications and Media Planning Event Manager
EVNT 716 Experiential Event Operations N/A
EVNT 717 Site Logistics Event Coordinator
HOSP 103 Professional Service Experience Providing Quality Service
HOSP 106 Presenting and Communicating Effectively Event Coordinator
HOSP 122 Beverage, Bar and Dining Room Food and Beverage Service
HOSP 201 Rooms Operations I Housekeeping Room Attendant
HOSP 204 Introduction to Hospitality Sales and Marketing Event Manager
HOSP 210 Human Resources HR Toolkit
HOSP 215 Introduction to Hospitality Accounting N/A
HOSP 220 Principles of Hospitality Management Food and Beverage Manager
HOSP 222 Restaurant Operations Food and Beverage Manager
HOSP 304 Hospitality Sales and Revenue Management Food and Beverage Manager
HOSP 306 Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurship N/A
HOSP 314 Risk Management Event Manager
HOSP 320 Principles of Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Controls Food and Beverage Manager
HOSP 322 Special Event Operations Event Coordinator
TOUR 202 Meetings and Events Management Event Manager
TOUR 407 Risk Management for Tourism, Events, and Dining Event Manager
TOUR 415 Management Accounting N/A


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