emerit training has been used by the following Education clients:

"We highly recommend and support emerit as it is a vital resource for future and current hospitality professionals. An excellent learning tool."

— Gary Torraville, Program Coordinator, Holland College Tourism and Culinary Centre

"If we see emerit on a resume then that resume goes to the top of the pile. Absolutely. Without question."

— Rob Campbell, Division Manager, Athabasca Catering

"When I'm looking at resumes and I see someone that has emerit training it is definitely an advantage for the person because it shows that they are interested in a career in the hospitality industry and they have the training background behind them as well."

— Mary Lou MacFarlane, Human Resources Manager, Rodd Hotels & Resorts

"When hiring we always look at emerit training because I think it really provides a good insight into the candidate that they are very serious about the hospitality industry as a career and that they are dedicated and engaged in what they do."

— Joyce Bodnar, Manager, Human Resource Services, Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon

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"I think we've proven without a doubt that the investment in training and in particular in emerit training is definitely recognized in a positive way in the bottom line of our business."

- Sheila Kelly-Blackmore, General Manager, St. Jude Hotel

"Things have changed a lot over the past few years. Competition has gotten fiercer. You need dedicated and innovative employees to succeed in meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. By training our employees and listening to them, we develop a feeling of belonging that results in a decreased turnover rate and increased productivity."

- Caroline Milot, Director of Operations, Hôtel et Suites Le Dauphin

"You're going to wind up with folks who know what they're doing, who understand why they're there and who want to work and who want to do a good job and essentially who have been empowered and given the tools and given the training to go out and do their jobs really, really well."

- Rob Campbell, Division Manager, Athabasca Catering