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Get Custom Training

Get Custom Training

Since 1993, Tourism HR Canada has been developing and updating top quality Emerit tourism training content according to rigorous industry and academic standards. Over the years, our clients have requested a variety of individualized training and assessment products, as well as custom labour market reporting and analysis.

Tourism HR Canada is pleased to offer consulting solutions that facilitate the development and delivery of training, certification administration, human resource and planning strategies, research, and instructional design for all sectors of the marketplace.

Our expert Development staff works closely with national and international subject matter experts to design solutions to your workplace challenges.

Our Services


  • Examinations
  • Assessment Tools
  • Certification Administration (Test bank administration, registration, candidate follow-up)


  • Occupation-specific
  • Instructional Design (Curriculum and Training Content)
  • Online and in-person
  • Turnkey workshops

Labour Market Analysis and Research

  • Customized Reporting and Analysis
  • Customized Surveys

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