Event Coordinator – Module C – Marketing Plan Implementation 2.0*

Module C covers the topic of marketing. Marketing is a form of communication. For most events, marketing can be thought of as the communication and information links between customers and the event. Marketing is knowing and understanding the needs of your customers and how your event can meet and exceed those needs. Marketing is research and details. Event customers are all groups that the event plans to attract. Through marketing, community support and involvement is generated for the event. As event coordinator, your job is to ensure that the marketing plan sells the event, that it creates the desire on the part of the customer to attend and become involved in the event, and, above all, that the message communicated is clear, concise, and honestly stated.

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Module C – Marketing Plan Implementation

  • Fulfill marketing plan
  • Implement advertising strategy
  • Participate in trade and consumer shows
  • Set up contests
  • Organize sponsor and donor appreciation programs
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