Event Coordinator – Module F – Professionalism 2.0*

Module F demonstrates why being a professional is critical to your success. As an important member of the event management team, you are required to project a professional image of yourself and your organization. In the tourism sector, professionalism can only be achieved with well-developed leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. Being professional should be reflected not only in your personal appearance, attitude, and behaviour on the job, but also in the way you communicate with clients and co-workers and in the way you handle difficult situations. What do you gain by being professional? You gain the satisfaction of performing your job well, developing a strong reputation, and being part of an efficient team.

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Module F – Professionalism
Lesson 1 – Exhibit Professionalism

  • Be professional
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Manage multiple priorities
  • Solve problems

Lesson 2 – Use Communication Skills

  • Define communication
  • Speak effectively
  • Communicate in writing
  • Make effective presentation
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