Teaching employees to answer the phone a certain way, wear a pressed uniform, smile and use a guest's name is not skills training. This stuff is called "brand training" — it is the culture you create for your business that sets you apart from others — it defines your look and a customer's experience. Brand training is important and necessary to differentiate you from your competitors.

Brand training ignites a customer's visual and aural palette. However, that is only one part of the equation. A skilled employee knows how to set tables, make beds, fill out paper work, manage staff, and take orders. Your staff know how to do that already, right? But how well? How efficiently? Do they do it with military precision? Are their actions consistent, and each time they do it, do they do it exceptionally?

Now, how do they learn these skills? The most popular training is done by shadowing existing staff. A new staff member may come to you and already know a few things, then you just fill in the details by "showing them the ropes." A fighter who only shadow boxes will surely get their butt kicked in the ring – and your shadow trained staff will flounder when exposed to real-world pressures.

Skills training is what most businesses skimp out on. But this is where the profit is. Skills training can reduce your staff requirements as they work more efficiently while simultaneously increasing retention through job satisfaction. Staff who feel proud of the job they do generally stay longer. Pride comes from quality of work. Quality of work comes from being well-trained.

emerit provides skills training programs crafted by industry for industry. We've set the standard with emerit – you can download the standards for nearly all our occupations and self-directed training systems. This means your staff train themselves, hands off for you.

These programs are great for new recruits, but what about existing staff? They may do their jobs well. But is average good enough? We teach them how to do it exceptionally well. You probably have one or two superstars who are really good at what they do — now imagine if all your employees had that level of skill and capability! How much time would you save? How many problems would you avoid?

You have options — you can buy workbooks for your staff to work through or register them for online training courses. It’s easy to get started, simply select an occupation to learn more.

Training unlocks hidden profit in your business — emerit is your key.