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Front Desk Agents are key to your customers' first impression — how impressive are yours?

Front Desk Agents hold a wealth of knowledge about your property and the attractions surrounding it. Their recommendations can turn good visits into great ones. The way they interact, engage with, and support your patrons will directly affect the reviews you receive online, the word of mouth referrals they give to their friends and family, and if they return.

Remember, there is a difference between brand and skill training — teach your Front Desk Agents to smile and wear their uniform proudly while serving the customer with courteous efficiency. A well trained Front Desk Agent will process more transactions, faster, with fewer errors, while simultaneously winning your guests' loyalty. Equip your Front Desk Agents with skills that paint smiles onto your customers' faces.

Once your Front Desk Agents are fully emerit trained, they will:

  • Generate more sales by offering upsells and promotions
  • Encourage return visits through exceptional customer experiences
  • Create word of mouth referrals and positive reviews from satisfied guests

The Front Desk Agent emerit Training program includes:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Guest Services
  • Reservations & Sales
  • Arrivals & Departures
  • Departmental Operations
  • Safety & Security

The emerit Front Desk Agent training program has been created in a partnership between the Canadian government and tourism industry. You should feel confident that this is the best service-training program available and being used by Canadian tourism and hospitality industry.

If your goal is to increase staff retention while also increasing your guests' experience and quality of service they receive, you need to get them emerit trained.

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Front Desk Agent training has been used by the following Small Business clients:

"For some years now, employees at Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel have taken the emerit Professional Certification Program. We continue to train new employees. This is proof that the program is useful and relevant for the hotel. In fact, we notice that those who have done the training are better equipped than the others."

— Dave Comeau, Head Guest Services Attendant, Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel

"My supervisor had heard about it from one of the guest services attendants trained in Vancouver, and he decided to enroll a few employees. The results were so positive that the general manager required all the employees to obtain their certification."

— Dave Comeau, Head Guest Services Attendant, Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel

"It is a real positive return on investment for us. If you're taking that investment at first and you're certifying someone they're more likely to stay with you longer so in the end it is cheaper for you to make that initial investment at first."

— Mary Lou MacFarlane, Human Resources Manager, Rodd Hotels & Resorts

"I would say probably seventy five percent of our hotel has gone through the emerit program and it has not only benefited our staff and what we learn and how we do our job but it's greatly benefited our guests as well."

— Mike Keating, Food and Beverage Manager, Fortis Properties

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