Housekeeping Room Attendant


Skilled Housekeepers go above and beyond the basics—are you ready for training that can be the difference between basic and great service?

Each staff member plays an essential role in creating a positive customer experience— and Housekeeping Room Attendants are key players in an accommodation business' success. Good Housekeepers know how to quickly make up a room, but it's the little details that people notice and make an effort to point out.

Read customers online reviews about any accommodation and you'll note some interesting trends. People comment (complain.) if the room was terribly made up, but they also comment if it is exceptionally well done. What they rarely comment on is if the room is just adequate.

emerit Housekeeping Room Attendant training ensures you pay attention to the little details while performing your general duties efficiently and thoroughly. The course includes all the fundamentals of good housekeeping—as well as resources and tips to take you from an average to an exceptional Housekeeper. You will gain the skills to consistently create memorable experiences for guests.

The training includes the following modules:

  • Professionalism
  • Guest Relations
  • Industry Terms
  • Safety
  • Protection
  • Cleaning Responsibilities

Well trained Housekeepers mean happy guests. If guests are happy, that in turn means good reviews, repeat visitors, and positive word of mouth marketing. And for you that means long term employability and greater future opportunities.

Take pride in your work; get emerit Housekeeping Room Attendant training to acquire the skills, and certification to gain recognition. When you complete the certification process, you will be awarded the Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) designation. To get started, select the most convenient training format from the list below.


Housekeeping Room Attendant training has been used by the following Small Business clients:

"Even with more than 20 years experience, I learned a lot of things, but what I mainly got from it was greater self-esteem and pride in my job as a Housekeeping Room Attendant."

— Gabrielle Mathieu, Housekeeping Room Attendant, Auberge Bénédict Arnold

"It gave me a new perspective on the work of a Housekeeping Room Attendant, by placing it in relation to the other jobs that are part of the hotel team. Instead of feeling isolated like before, I now know that I am an essential part of this team. I have my place and I'm taking it. The program made me realize the importance of my role."

— Diane Laplante, Housekeeping Room Attendant, Le Centre Sheraton Montréal

"In the months after they received their certificates the guest satisfaction rate regarding cleanliness of rooms increased by 30%. The results speak for themselves. I can say that emerit has helped my Housekeeping Room Attendants, made my job easier, and brought about changes that guests notice."

— Mélissa Girard, Manager, Auberge des Peupliers

"With this training, the housekeepers have developed a more efficient work method and have learned a few tricks. When I make my rounds of the rooms each day, I've noticed that there are approximately 75% less oversights. In addition, our housekeepers have gained about ten minutes a room, by not going back and forth with empty hands, for example. This makes their work easier, and by extension, mine!"

— Mélissa Girard, Manager, Auberge des Peupliers


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