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Save time and do it better than ever before — the HR Toolkit is a strategic planner's best friend.

Filled with practicality, the HR Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for creating a robust HR strategy and tactical implementation plan. It covers long term visioning as well as day-to-day operating needs. A good plan can save you time and money; imagine how much more a great one will save you.

The HR Toolkit contains guides, templates, tools, and tips for developing internal policies, recruitment plans, and optimizing resource allocations. It comes with 24 customizable templates such as job offer letters, training plans, employee manuals, wellness surveys, job descriptions, and much more. You also get 39 tools including interview checklists, staffing reminders, and other HR forms that make managing people that much easier.

The tools and templates are ready to download the moment you complete your purchase. You also get instant access to online learning, which provides you with everything you need to select, recruit, hire, train, coach, and manage employees more effectively.

The templates alone are worth the price, and then add the tools and checklists with the included core training — it makes this a no-brainer decision. There is no need for you to do this work.

Leverage yourself; pick up the HR Toolkit and save yourself weeks of work, and get a comprehensive set of HR tools in one ready-to-go box.


emerit training has been used by the following clients:

"When the employer shows an interest in developing their skills and recognizes their experience, this has repercussions that go beyond work and affects their self-esteem. We all need to be recognized and the emerit Program can be part of an overall motivational strategy."

— Yvon Bélair, Human Resources manager, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth

"I use the things I learned during the program every day. From calculations, to managing staff—it is all very useful. I pay much more attention to all the details."

— Éric Martel, Food Services Supervisor, Mess de la Citadelle in Québec

"You’re going to wind up with folks who know what they’re doing, who understand why they’re there and who want to work and who want to do a good job and essentially who have been empowered and given the tools and given the training to go out and do their jobs really, really well."

— Rob Campbell, Division Manager, Athabasca Catering

"I think we’ve proven without a doubt that the investment in training and in particular in emerit training is definitely recognized in a positive way in the bottom line of our business."

— Sheila Kelly-Blackmore, General Manager, St. Jude Hotel


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