Line Cook – Online Learning - All Modules - Version 3.0

Based on the National Occupational Standards for Line Cook, this self-directed online learning covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to succeed as a line cook in today's kitchens. This course is an excellent resource for preparing for Professional Certification, but is not mandatory. A downloadable copy of the Line Cook National Occupational Standards is included.

Once you’ve completed all modules of an online course, please email if you would like a “Certificate of Achievement” that you can add to your professional development portfolio.

This course contains seven modules:

Module A – Sanitation and Safety

  • Food handling and sanitation
  • Safe storage of food products
  • Dietary restrictions

Module B - Kitchen Operations 1

  • Kitchen terms
  • Kitchen tools and equipment
  • Knife types, components, and safety
  • Cooking methods

Module C - Kitchen Operations 2

  • Converting recipes
  • Working efficiently
  • Cooking food to order

Module D - Preparation and Cooking 1

  • Food preparation basics
  • Preparing stocks
  • Preparing soups
  • Preparing sauces
  • Preparing compound butters
  • Preparing convenience foods
  • Preparing produce
  • Using herbs, spices, seasonings and flavouring appropriately

Module E - Preparation and Cooking 2

  • Preparing pasta
  • Preparing rice, grains, and legumes
  • Preparing potatoes

Module F - Preparation and Cooking 3

  • Preparing beef, lamb, pork, and veal
  • Preparing poultry
  • Preparing fish and shellfish

Module G - Preparation and Cooking 4

  • Preparing eggs
  • Preparing dairy products
  • Preparing breakfast products
  • Preparing bakery products
  • Preparing dessert products
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