Request for Appeal Application

Candidates who are unsuccessful in an emerit assessment or in meeting the renewal requirements (where applicable) have the right to register an appeal. An appeal must be based on reasonable and compelling grounds and demonstrates that a candidate was unsuccessful as a result of having been disadvantaged or a significant error occurred.

Grounds which are extraneous to the fairness of the evaluation itself are not relevant to this process. The following are NOT considered valid reasons for an appeal:

• Candidates that have failed the exam and are just short of meeting the pass mark;

•Candidates facing personal or financial hardships that may have affected their ability to do well on the exam;

•The pass mark is not set to the candidate’s satisfaction; or

•The candidate does not understand or is not satisfied with her or his score, e.g., wants to challenge the mark to earn more points.

Appeals must be submitted using this form within 60 days of receiving notification of results. The Request for Appeals Application form should be filed with the certifying agent or submitted to: The cost of the appeal is $75. If the jury rules in the candidate’s favour, the fee will be reimbursed. The ruling on the appeal is final. Candidates have no opportunity to re-challenge their case.
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