Supervisor – Module B – Workforce Management – Version 3.0

People are an organization’s most valuable asset. In this module you will learn and apply the skills required to help assemble, develop and maintain an effective work team. This online learning module is an excellent resource for preparing for Professional Certification.

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Lesson 1—Recruit and Select Employees

  • Assist in recruitment process
  • Assist in the interview process
  • Supervise staff
  • Conduct effective orientation session

Lesson 2—Conduct Training

  • Assist with developing effective training plans
  • Facilitate effective training sessions
  • Effectively coach staff members

Lesson 3—Supervise Employees

  • Manage diversity in the workplace
  • Effectively schedule work
  • Effectively resolve conflicts between employees
  • Conduct staff meetings
  • Properly process staff resignations

Lesson 4—Evaluate Employees' Performance

  • Prepare for a performance review
  • Properly conduct a performance review
  • Provide progressive discipline
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