Director of Housekeeping


Leadership, process driven, and customer focused attitude—do you represent these core attributes of an exceptional Director of Housekeeping?

Directors of Housekeeping attend to guests' every need. Coordinating teams of attendants to clean rooms frequently, thoroughly and without disturbing guests, they deliver high quality guest experiences. They adopt strategies to reduce energy and water consumption, optimize the operation of the properties, while simultaneously helping to meet their guests' expectations.

Calm, courteous, inherently organized, and hard-working by nature, Directors of Housekeeping are also excellent communicators. They must recruit, hire, train and retain qualified committed employees.

While many Directors of Housekeeping hold applied degrees and professional certificates in hospitality and hotel management, most obtain their job skills through hands-on experience as housekeeping room attendants.

emerit programs represent the collective expertise of Directors of Housekeeping industry leaders across the country. Download the National Occupation Standards below and see if this career path is for you. Or if you're already in a management position, assess your skill and knowledge and gain the recognition that comes with Professional Certification. When you complete the certification process, you will be awarded the Tourism Certified Manager (TCM) designation.


Director of Housekeeping training has been used by the following Small Business clients:

"The certification process gave me validation that I was providing professional service and meeting national standards. During the process, I did learn some alternative ways of doing things that I can now incorporate in my day to day interactions with clients and colleagues."

— Lori MacKinnon, Sales Manager for Travel Trade, Rodd Hotels & Resorts

"It is really worth the trouble of participating in the program, even for those who have taken courses in tourism or the hotel industry at school. I had taken tourism training and I still learned new things, because the contents focus on a targeted position, rather than on the industry in general. So, it was really concrete and very close to what we experience each day in our work."

— Étienne Aubin, Sales Representative, Hôtel et Suites Le Dauphin

"I wholeheartedly recommend the emerit Certification Program. The National Occupational Standards established by the industry enrich our profession. The program helps us improve our practices and makes us proud to do our jobs."

— Louise Fortin, Food Services Supervisor, Mont Saint-Sauveur International

"When the employer shows an interest in developing their skills and recognizes their experience, this has repercussions that go beyond work and affects their self-esteem. We all need to be recognized and the emerit Program can be part of an overall motivational strategy."

— Yvon Bélair, Human Resources manager, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth

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