Event Coordinator


Working behind the curtains, focusing on detail, and juggling many tasks, a skilled Event Coordinator ensures events run successfully—are you such a person?

Employers know they need to maintain an excellent reputation for managing successful events so they can continue renting their facilities profitably. A skilled Event Coordinator can be the difference between a hit and a flop.

emerit trained Event Coordinators are able to bring together all the little details that create an unforgettable event experience. The self-study emerit training program will teach you leadership, marketing execution, and interpersonal skills to bring everything together to present a seamless experience to customers.

Event coordinators generally have a passion and enthusiasm for working with people. emerit harnesses that energy and adds the broad range of multidisciplinary skills from human resources to budget management needed to excel in a fast paced environment.

The Event Coordinator program includes the following modules:

  • Administration
  • Event Co-ordination
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Marketing Plan
  • Implementation
  • Human Resources Co-ordination
  • Professionalism

Industry-forged emerit training embodies the collective expertise of Event Coordinators and industry leaders across Canada. Take pride in your work; get emerit Event Coordinator training to acquire the skills, and certification to gain the recognition. When you complete the certification process, you will be awarded the Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) designation. To get started, select the most convenient training format from the list below.


Event Coordinator training has been used by the following Small Business clients:

"The greatest strength of the emerit brand is that is comes from seasoned practitioners who have literally written the book on Events Management."

— William O'Toole, International Events Development Specialist

"I was one of the first cohort of event management professionals that didn't "fall into" the industry. Certification helps establish credibility. When we are certified, we are taken seriously by our peers, by our clients, and by the world."

— Christina Buck, CMP Program Director, Convention Industry Council

"I was pretty proud of the fact that I was able to accomplish the emerit certification for Event Coordinator and it did give me increased confidence in myself in my role and for seeking new contracts."

— April Ennis, Marketing Coordinator, Bay Ferries

"When I'm looking at resumes and I see someone that has emerit training it is definitely an advantage for the person because it shows that they are interested in a career in the hospitality industry and they have the training background behind them as well."

— Mary Lou MacFarlane, Human Resources Manager, Rodd Hotels & Resorts

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