Food and Beverage Service – Online Learning – All Modules – Version 4.0

Exceed guest expectations by mastering the skills for excellent service. Learn effective selling techniques, the art of table service, ways to respond to guest needs and complaints...and more. This online course is an excellent resource to help you prepare for the current certification program (Version 4).

Once you’ve completed all modules of an online course, please email if you would like a “Certificate of Achievement” that you can add to your professional development portfolio.


Purchase of this full course also includes access to the “Providing Quality Service” course: essential customer service training for all frontline tourism and hospitality employees.

Module 1 - Shift Procedures: Behind the Scene

  • Complete opening duties
  • Prepare glassware
  • Set tables and buffets
  • Maintain the bar and surrounding area
  • Maintain bar equipment, including draught lines
  • Store beverages
  • Receive inventory
  • Restock and store food, beverages and equipment
  • Perform closing duties
  • Cash out 

Module 2 - Selling and Serving: Professional Guest Service

  • Demonstrate service etiquette and sales techniques
  • Describe how to identify and resolve guests dissatisfaction
  • Describe how to accommodate guests with special needs
  • Describe basic soups, chowders, sauces and condiments
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic meat, poultry and seafood information
  • Define common food preparation terms
  • Handle food and beverage orders 
  • Use point-of-sale system
  • Receive and process guest payments

Module 3 -  Risk Management in the Food and Beverage Industry: Awareness and Compliance

  • Comply with legislation that applies to the food and beverage industry
  • Demonstrate responsible alcohol service to endure our guests’ safety
  • Follow fire and emergency procedures to minimize the risks of injury or damage to the property
  • Adhere to the workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Observe safe practices in the workplace to minimize the occurrence of injury and loss
  • Handle and store food and beverage products in a safe and sanitary manner to reduce the chances of contamination, spillage and spoilage

Module 4 - Beer and Wine Service: Beverage Knowledge and Wine Pairing

  • Describe, recommend and serve wine professionally
  • Identify major types of wine and their features
  • Define the sweetness of wine
  • Define the sweetness terms for champagne and other sparkling wines
  • Identify type of information found on wine labels
  • Suggest wine and food combinations according to both guest preferences and product knowledge and expertise
  • Follow general wine-serving guidelines to ensure maximum wine enjoyment

Module 5 - Bartending Basics: Mixing and Serving Drinks

  • Use common bar terms proficiently
  • Describe common spirits and liqueurs to your guests
  • Follow general guidelines for preparing cocktails and mixed beverages
  • Select appropriate beverage garnishes for drinks
  • Prepare multiple drink orders quickly and efficiently
  • Describe how to work the service bar professionally and efficiently

Module 6 - Professional Banquet Service: Techniques and Best Practices

  • Double-check events details and requirements of the banquet event order (BEO)
  • Set up function and meeting areas
  • Load and carry trays safety
  • Serve food and beverage in both stand-up and sit-down functions
  • Serve coffee or health break refreshments
  • Maintain and refresh event areas
  • Serve breaks and meals in meeting rooms
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