Supervisor – Module D – Administration, Sales and Promotion – Version 3.0

Effective administration improves productivity and customer service by making operations more cost-effective and keeping employees on track for success. In this module, you will learn and apply the skills required for a variety of administrative tasks. This online learning module is an excellent resource for preparing for Professional Certification.

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Lesson 1—Administration

  • Mange priorities
  • Maintain records

Lesson 2—Develop Action Plans

  • Participate in organizational planning
  • Implement action plans

Lesson 3—Policies and Procedures

  • Implement policies and procedures
  • Create checklists for operations
  • Comply with legislation
  • Comply with contracts

Lesson 4—Maintain Personnel Files

  • Maintain personnel files

Lesson 5—Inventory

  • Use inventory system
  • Maintain inventory
  • Follow storage procedures

Lesson 6—Promote Sales

  • Implement promotions
  • Implement employee incentive programs
  • Participate in community activities
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