Canadian Workplace Essentials – All Modules – Version 1.0

This online learning is also an excellent resource for preparing for the Canadian Workplace Essentials exam.


Once you’ve completed all modules of an online course, please email if you would like a “Certificate of Achievement” that you can add to your professional development portfolio.

This course contains five modules:

Module 1: A Common Starting Point – Culture and the Workplace

  • Defining culture
  • Cultural values and our expectations
  • Culture and our behavior at work
  • Crossing cultures
  • Culture shock

Module 2: Making a Great Impression

  • Creating a professional image

Module 3: Meeting Employer Expectations

  • Being punctual
  • Contributing to a healthy workplace
  • Showing initiative

Module 4: Building Positive Relationships

  • Becoming part of the team

Module 5: Providing Professional Customer Service

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
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