Do you know the difference between building a puzzle and constructing with Lego™? Each puzzle piece has an exact match — while Lego™ pieces can combine to form a whole new construct, each more impressive than the last.

The same is true of emerit. It is a comprehensive and modular approach to skills based training. Use the modules separately or a whole course as a complete unit within your training program. Even better, we can work with you to customize a solution that can integrate seamlessly into your current training.

Why use emerit? It’s Canada's only complete service-based occupational skills training system. It's forged hand-in-hand with industry. emerit is built in collaboration with small businesses, education institutions, large corporations, chains and franchises. These training products have been developed from the ground up with practicality, efficiency, and effectiveness as top-of-mind factors.

And finally, you can use our Certification as a part of staff recognition and reward programs.

Do you have your own training program? Most training programs are focused on brand training. Brand training is the difference in behaviour and appearance of your staff — it is what separates you from competitors. Skills training is generally the “behind the scenes” efficiencies of how productive an employee is at what they do. Learn more about brand vs. skill training.

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