Bottom Line: Labour Challenges Threaten Tourism's Growth

Tourism makes a significant contribution to the Canadian economy. In 2014, there were over 1.7 million jobs in the tourism sector. By 2035, spending within tourism industries could reach $287 billion. This demand for tourism goods and services will require many new jobs, but will the supply of labour be able to keep up? The projections contained within this report suggest that it will not. While the demand for labour will increase to 2.29 million jobs by 2035, the supply of labour will only be able to fill 2.05 million jobs.

Bottom Line Labour Challenges Threaten Tourism’s Growth contains information on:

  • Potential Demand for Tourism-Related Goods and Services
  • Potential Labour Demand in the Tourism Sector
  • Potential Labour Supply in the Tourism Sector
  • Unfilled Jobs in the Tourism Sector
  • The Impact of Raising Wages
  • Potential Job Openings
  • Results of the 2015 Tourism Industry Consultations including:
    • Labour Issues Faced by Canadian Businesses
    • Operating Performance in 2015
    • Tourism Outlook
    • Focus Group Sessions
    • Potential Sources of Growth for Labour Supply
    • Priorities for Addressing the Labour Challenges
  • Forecast Methodology and Background
  • Potential Demand for Tourism Goods and Services by Province
  • Trends for Hours Worked
  • Economic Background for Canada and the Provinces
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